Happy Head and Heart is the name of my therapy business.

After years of working in my own Salon under my old business name Meganni Franklyn, I decided a change was needed.  I started studying again and  re discovered my passion for complementary therapies.

I have now started working from my home address and have created a little space at the side of my house to welcome old and new clients and offer these wonderful relaxing treatments.

I also love to write up my blog on my passions and things that really interest me.  I hope you enjoy to read them and find some of the information useful.

I also have a little online shop where I sell all the products that I use in my treatments and what I find really helps my clients and also myself.



Being more awake to the ways we travel through our day, practicing compassion and kindness. 




  1. Hello, Megan. I like your article on Dr. David Hawkin’s calibration of consciousness. I have been doing some emotional healing work and found it raises one’s consciousness level. (That might be a good thing to point out for your clients! Tell them how many points they went up with your healing.) Also I am doing mass emotional healing of mankind and finding an increase in man’s overall consciousness level. Since you know how to calibrate consciousness (right?) I would ask to see what you get for the LOC of mankind (I always include those in spirit). Date is important as I do these healings weekly. I would love someone to help me monitor this! Even better that you’re in the UK as I am in the US. Please contact me!

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