About Me


Me – (Ann Mulgrew) started my little therapy business back in 2005 – Meganni Franklyn Therapies (a mixture of my families names).  

I am a professional complementary therapist.   I studied Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Sports Massage at college and added on lots of other treatments over the years.  I found my passion for natural therapies/energy healing through my own health and decided to study as much as I could to help my clients, whether it be a physical pain or a mental pain.  Just taking time out of your life to focus on yourself is enough to make a  difference in your life.

I am founder of One Natural Energy CBD oil which I use within my therapy business.  

I also love to write up my blog on my passions and things that really interest me such as meditation, reiki, healing, qigong etc and  I hope you enjoy to read them and find some of the information useful.

I also have a little online shop where I sell all the products that I use in my treatments

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Being more awake to the ways we travel through our day, practicing compassion and kindness.