Angels – Are they Real?

I personally haven’t seen one but I do tell me little boy that Ark Angel Michael looks after him at night time. Every night since he was 3 years old (he is now 8) we have a little bedtime routine – ~ “Dear Spirit Guides, Guardians and Angels, Please give my son good dreams and Ark Angel Michael come down and protect him all night long” This has helped his sleep when all else has failed.

I personally practice Reiki healing daily and ask my angels to help me when healing myself and others. However I do not know an overly great amount about angels and I so I have decided to do some more research.

On my little learning Journey here is what I have been learning so far.

Angels are spiritual beings with a much different frequency compared to humans. Increasing your present awareness of angels is one of the best ways to start noticing their presence. On mountain slopes, on desolate rural highways and airplane cockpits are just a few of the places where ordinary people have felt the real presence of God’s angels at work in their lives. Angel signs are all around us and can come in a variety of ways depending on your current challenges, next steps or the questions you’ve asked.

So who do I listen to…what do I read….

Firstly I am learning about a lady called Lorna Byrne

The Lady Who Sees Angels Working with Lorna Byrne and producing this documentary about her amazing life and gifts was truly an extraordinary experience. L She will say that she doesn’t know why God chose her to spread his messages of love and religious tolerance, but I think God chose very wisely. Watch the documentary and see why millions of people worldwide believe in Lorna and her messages from the Angels. Ted Yacucci, producer/director.

Most people have encounters with Angels when they have a near death experience or some traumatic experiences.

Next up I am reading Kyle Gray – Ive watched him for the past few years as he sometimes tours with a guy called Dr David Hamilton (books such as –

With spiritual encounters from an early age, Kyle was just four years old when his grandmother’s soul visited him from the other side. Growing up, Kyle always had the ability to hear, feel and see what goes beyond the natural senses, which eventually led him to discovering the power of angels and positive energy in his teens.

Image result for kyle gray books

A sick girl has a miraculous recovery after white light is seen around her, reports Debbye Turner-Bell. Edward Grinnan from Guideposts magazine talks about the common belief in angels.

I have learned so far on my little learning about Angels journey that it is much like energy healing, sports, or riding a bike etc. We can read as much as we can but without practice it is simply words. Without a meditation practice, an awareness of our present moment and a quietening of our mind then we will not be able to really feel the angels around us. This is simply my opinion and how I like to learn.

I am enjoying discovering more and more about Angels and I must admit since I started learning more I have noticed my life seems to be flowing more easily and the amount of randomly white feathers that are appearing is unreal.

If anyone would like to share their angel experiences or tell me about their favourite angels please do as I would love to learn more.

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