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I have been training people through my video courses since lockdown, now with over 2500 students worldwide.

Gain Recognized Qualifications:

 Each of our courses is fully accredited, providing you with the opportunity to earn certificates upon completion. This isn’t just learning – it’s about earning a qualification that showcases your commitment and expertise.

Personalised Guidance:

With Meganni Franklyn, you get more than just a course; you get a mentor. Contact Ann Mulgrew, the passionate force behind Meganni Franklyn, for personalised support and guidance throughout your learning journey.

Flexible Learning Bundles

Choose from our tailored course bundles. Whether it’s the 3-for-1 Facial courses or the comprehensive 6-course bundle in holistic healing, we provide options that cater to your interests and career goals.

My courses are accredited so once you have fully completed each section of the course you are able to download your certificate or get in touch with me personally [email protected] to discuss course further, for my personalised certificates I will send out once case studies if required for the course are completed.

I have course bundles on this site so you can study the 3 for 1 – Facial courses or if you are interested in the holistic healing courses I have a course bundle of 6 for this one.

Unlock Your Potential with Meganni Franklyn’s Accredited Courses!

Join over 2500 students worldwide who have benefitted from our expertly crafted video courses since the lockdown. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your therapeutic techniques or dive into holistic healing, our range of courses has something for everyone.