Lash Lift Pro Training Manual

What You Need To Know

This is my Lash Lift digital Manual that I created to use in my courses.


Upturned lashes create an illusion of longer lashes and
give a more wide-eyed doe look. A lash lift is essentially a
lash perm. We are curling the lashes onto a silicone rod,
applying eyelash-specific perm solutions, and then tinting
(dyeing) the lashes dark. The lift (perm) tends to last about
6-8weeks. The tint (dye) tends to lash 2-8 weeks. These will
vary on the client as everyone has a natural growth and
shedding cycle. This service allows clients to ditch the
daily lash curler! They can swim, shower, sweat, etc,
without losing their curl. There is minimal to no aftercare
needed which makes this a very popular service.
This is also a nice alternative to lash extensions in case
someone becomes allergic to eyelash extension glue. The
results are more natural and subtle, but can greatly
enhance a client’s natural lashes