Spray Tan Training

What You Need To Know

Table of Contents
• The benefits of spray tan
• How does fake tan work?
• Anatomy of the skin
• Understanding tanning systems
• Choosing a tanning system
• The airbrush
• The advantages of the HVLP System
• Airbrush versus HVLP
• Client’s skin colouring
• Differentiating between brands and how this choice affects the treatment.
• Patch Test
• Contra-indication/Contra-actions to the treatment
• Treatment room checklist
• The treatment area
• A treatment area meeting legal, hygiene and service requirements
• Providing the client with personal protective equipment
• Personal hygiene, protection and appearance to meet industry standards
• Preparing for your spray tan
• How to perform the treatment
• Maintaining the client’s modesty, privacy and comfort throughout
• Completing the treatment within a commercially viable time

• Applying the tan
• Specific after care advice
• Troubleshooting
• Removing tan
• Best practice for preventing or minimising occupational health problems.
• Salon business
• Example of a record card
• Understanding the laws of data protection
• Health & Safety
• Business Plan
• Quiz